Day 15 – Victoria Falls to Francistown (Botswana)

Today and tomorrow are transfer days with long hours of driving. Today was over five hundred kilometres on an almost straight road through desert scenery.

At eight this morning our driver Stan and his bus from  Kasane was waiting for us at the hotel to drive us across the border to the hotel in Kasane where we left our cars. It is roughly a sixty-kilometre ride but the border crossing can take quite long time.

When we arrived at the border we found it much busier situation then on Saturday. There was already a queue of Japanese and German tourists waiting to get their passports stamped.  Driver Stan collected our passports (we were four couples) plus a ten-dollar note and disappeared in another door. Five minuets later he reappeared with eight stamped passports and we could move to the Botswana border.  

At the next border a similar ritual was played out except that we had to stand in line whilst our driver took our passports inside. He repapered ten minuets later with everything stamped and we were on our way to our cars.

When we arrived at our cars the total trip from door to door had taken us one and a half hours.

The cars were packed and started which in our case worked well. However I switched off the engine briefly to lock the boot of the car and when I restarted – nothing- as if the battery was flat. I fiddled with the master switches, fuse box and then connected a jump lead to Tom van den Berg’s car.

Then she started straightaway and the car has ran fine all day. 
Worrying though as these are electrical gremlins I do not appreciate.

Within ten minuets we rejoined the rally route, which was one straight long road to Francis Ville.

Again it was hot and very humid and the road is so boring except from some elephants alongside the road and many cows and donkeys threatening the cross the road when you approach.

The local police had also got wind of our group and they set a total of three different radar traps along our route. 

Many of the teams were caught and were made to pay around forty dollars each. 
Grace and I were not caught but maybe this was because the police were already overworked with the others they stopped.

At the end of the day we had a small thirty km off road section without any competition elements in it. 

Grace really enjoyed being in the ‘dirt’ again after so many days as she could now do some real navigating for me. 
We did well and arrived well in time at the hotel.

Tomorrow another long day to Sun City .

Good night,

Mick & Grace

Nothing dramatic but annoying nevertheless.