The Classic Safari Challenge 2017


A new continent and a new challenge!

Welcome to a new adventure and another classic endurance rally.

Grace and Mick de Haas are teaming up again in their little red Pagoda to compete in their first African adventure.South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and even a small part of Zambia are being visited during this 28 day adventure.

Grace has been to some of these places with KLM but I have never been to South-Africa or any of the other countries.

The rally will not be as tough and rough as the Peking to Paris but still it will take us almost four weeks to get ‘around’ this part of Africa. At the moment of writing the car is on its way to Cape Town where on October 5 we hope to be reunited with the little Red Devil.

Some time after returning home from the P2P finish in Paris in July 2016 , the Mercedes 230SL-R went back to Altena Classics for a complete check up and repair session and she is now in good shape again to tackle the next rally.

In the section car  I will explain what has been done and or has been altered after the last P2P experience.

For this rally there are  36 competitors from 12 countries will participate, many of whom Grace and I know already from other events.

Tom and Femke van den Berg in their white Pagode – “The White Lady”- are also joining us in Africa. In fact the “Little Red Devil” and “the White Lady”  are sharing a container on the way to Cape Town. Also our 2013 P2P friends Dirk and Alexandra de Groen from Florida will be in the rally.

On October the 7th we all meet at The One & Only hotel in Cape Town and after the technical and safety checks of the cars on Sunday the 8th of October we will start on Monday October 9 for the 28 day journey.

We will keep a daily report and will try and include some pictures from these magnificent countries.

At this moment Grace’s biggest and only worry is that the ‘Big Five’ will all want to jump into our open top Pagoda… while en route. We have limited space though.

In turn I asked her to keep me posted if we accidentally enter the mouth of a Rhino and or Hippo as our GPS navigation and Sat-Phone do not work inside…

We will have fun, so are you joining us?