Day 12 Wichita Falls- Amarillo.

Since Mick is so busy in a small garage outside Santa Fe I will write some trip reports.
Since we spent long days on the road and the temperature is very high, sometimes 40c, we got some changes this morning in the route book. We will drive a different route and there will be less regularity’s. The route today will bring us into Oklahoma first and later back into Texas. We did some nice dirt roads. For lunch we climbed to the Wichita Mountains. Since they changed the route we arrived early in Amarillo.  Just before we came into town we had a test on Route 66 speedway. A dirt track. Mick and the red Mercedes did very well. 
Dark clouds in the distance when we came to the hotel. Nichole Cambell-Koenig, the granddaughter of my dear uncle Joost, came to pick us up. She lives with her husband Levi and daughter Emma in Amarillo. We had such a nice dinner in their beautiful house. 

Day 13. Amarillo-Santa Fe (New Mexico)

We left as one of the last cars this morning. They change every day the starting order. We had a quick stop at the famous Cadillac Ranch. About 8 sideways turned Cadillacs in a row sprayed with all colours paint. We followed the famous route 66 (it runs from Chicago-Los Angeles) for a while. So many closed houses gas stations shops and restaurants along the road. 

A beautiful long very straight dirt road brought us to Tucumcari in the Kix were we had a great lunch in a diner. Very friendly and nice staff! In a town called Las Vegas we had a stop in the famous Plaza hotel. Many famous filmstars stayed here. Michelle Obama stayed in this hotel while campaigning for her husband.
After the coffee stop in ‘Las Vegas’ we started climbing. 

Very slowly at first but all the time up. Our car, having already fuel problems with only one petrol pump still working, decided to stop. Our nice rally friends David and Jo Roberts treid to help and stayed with us for a while but they had to go on to be in time for the main time control. Rescue came from the sweeps. They are the last rescue car on the rally. Wonderful guys, but they could not do much. They pulled us almost into Santa Fe. 
Than suddenly the car started again and with one minute late we arrived at the nice hotel in Santa Fe. 

Day 14 was a rest day in Santa-Fe.

 Mick worked along Anty and other people on the cars car. 

Mick found a small garage through other rally drivers that tried to help Mick to find a new fuel pump. Mick thinks that that might be the problem.  I went out shopping with Sonja and Nicole. Well shopping… The prices are crazy here. Santa Fe is a place where many Americans retire. The altitude is 2000m.  After one glass of wine you are drunk.

Day 15 Santa Fe-Colorado Springs.

We left as one of the last cars this morning very early. The roads were quiet and we were out of town quickly. After some small roads of the main highway we started climbing. Small villages, beautiful mountains forests. We enjoyed our trip so much until one hour after leaving Santa Fe our Mercedes decided it did not like the high altitude and all this climbing. The car stopped. A few times Mick got the car started again but just before the small town of Truchas she decided not to start again.
A local guy pulled us to the small village Truchas were everything had closed forever. We waited for helps from our sweeps, Andy and Toni but they could not repair the car. In the mean time a native American stopped with his son and he started talking. Since our telephones had no signal he called a friend who came with a tow truck and brought us all the way back to Santa Fe. We parked the car at the garage of Joseph, the owner of the garage who helped so much the day before. The Eldorado hotel still had room for us so back to the rally hotel. 
Strange to be here again without our nice rally group.

Day 16 Santa Fe

Waiting for fuel pumps to arrive……….The rally is on its way to Aspen. We hope to join the group on the rest day in Aspen…..Keep our fingers crossed.