We are back on track!

After the frustrating but still interesting days in Santa Fe, waiting for our new fuel pumps to arrive we were finally able to leave Santa Fe by 1 PM on Tuesday for our 500 km track to Aspen in Colorado.

It was hot and the altitude became higher from 2200 meter in Santa Fe, till 3550 meters over the pass leading us into Aspen.

After the first 100 km the new no 1 fuel pump started to splutter, so I switched to No 2 new fuel pump, which fortunately lasted the whole way. Mysterious though as both pumps are brand new. It got us worried again as when no 2 pump would fail as well we would be stranded in the middle of nowhere again. It did not.

We missed the rest day in Aspen and got to the Hotel Jerome in the centre of Aspen by about 7 pm. There was a great welcome by all our rally friends and organisers who all  seem to be very happy that we had been able to fix the car.

Aspen is something else! A complete contrast to what we have seen before.  This must be the Gstaad of Colorado. Beautiful houses, beautiful people and beautiful cars…

The Hotel Jerome is one of these places you feel at home immediately. Everything is in the right place and the rooms feel immediately comfortable. 

It’s a great shame we did not have the extra day here, but Grace and I will certainly go back . 

We had a quiet diner at the hotel and then took a stroll down the main street of Aspen, just to soak up the atmosphere of the place.

Unfortunately, the next morning we had an early start. 
We still had the worry about the one not properly working fuel pump.

Our first task of the morning was two laps on the “ Aspen race way” Yes they have a race track in Aspen , like they have an airport in the valley.

The track was nice for our car and we ended with the fastest time of the day!

So a good comeback for team 24.

The rest of the day was covering a lot of miles on high altitude. We never came below 1800 meters, but there are still trees at 2500 meters. Coming out of the a Aspen valley the landscape became more barren and rocky and the temperatures soared to 33  celsius again. 
At the end of the afternoon there was one more regularity with three different speeds. We did quite well, but we where well worn down by the hot temperatures.

After a total of 540 kilometres we reached Park City in Utah. Also a ski resort area but not as glamorous as Aspen.

Both fuel pumps worked today after I made some adjustments to their fixings last night , but just in case two  new pumps will arrive tomorrow at our hotel in Boise Idaho.

All this has been arranged by the amazing Mercedes specialist Josef in Santa Fe. 
It was pure luck I found him last Saturday when I was searching for the new fuel pumps and he has been so helpful to us over the past few days, that he has become a friend for life. 
Many, many thanks for all your help Josef!

Tomorrow another very long day. 
Almost 800 kilometres so now to bed.

Good night,

Mick & Grace