These last few days have been incredible long and until last night very hot driving days.

On day 19 we drove from Park City to Boise in Idaho 

Eight hundred kilometres in blistering sunshine and at an average altitude of 2200 meters (6600ft)

Quite soon after the start we had two circuit tests in a row at the Utah Motorsports Campus. A beautiful racing facility.

The circuit test was two laps with a standing start and an intermediate stop ( a-cheval). Good for our Mercedes and we set 3rd fastest time of our group. Fastest was a 66 Camaro with a 550 hp engine. The second test was identical only after everybody had finished its first test. I tried to go quite gently to preserve the car for the long hot run that was still to follow.

After the circuit we had to hurry to make it to all the regulatory time controls. One of the controls was at the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats. An immense dry salt lake where over decades many land speed records have been set. We were allowed to take a run on the super smooth salt flat, but we decided to press on and to save the car from the salt dust.
However a great experience to have been able to see this legendary place.

The car has been behaving well after the repairs and I think the fuel pumps (both) are now in order.

We got to Boise – Idaho by about 19.30 and we where exhausted. Fortunately the temperatures have gone down a bit and it was a pleasant 22 degrees.

Day 20 – Boise to Bend-Oregon

Another long day on the road. This time 560 km and two regularity sessions one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The morning run was over two small passes one called the Stinking Water pass...
We did not smell anything but when we came to the top the views over the value were stunning.

The lunch stop was at a country deli in a village called Burns in the middle of nowhere. The locals had turned out in force to see our classic cars. 
The food was freshly made and the people vey friendly.

Then on to the next regularity through the Ochoco Forest.  At our start, the GPS trip went blank... meaning that we had to run the required three speeds purely on the speedo meter rather then calculate them with the stopwatch and trip meter. We managed to limit the damage in penalty seconds to less then a minute, but it could have been much better.

Thereafter another 180 km run over the most amazing country/mountain roads that I have ever driven. Nice open flowing curves, no traffic whatsoever, just cruising at between 100 and 110 km.

When we got closer to Bend we got a view of the Cascade Mountains. Still covered in snow it was an impressive site.

At the hotel I could fix the trip meter (I hope) and we went out for a light diner with John , Nicole, Anty and Sonja and Michael and Mathew.

After dinner there was the traditional end of rally car-park party given by the rally sweeps (mechanics) Everybody brings a bottle and gathers round the mechanics truck for a drink and a chat. Great tradition.

Then to bed still exhausted form the (too) long and very hot days.

We are nearly there.

Mick & Grace